We would like to begin by thanking Tim Ward, our excellent publisher at Changemaker Books, for recognizing the book’s potential. Without Tim’s discerning eye and editorial recommendations, the book would still be languishing in the literary slush piles of New York and London.

We are also very grateful to John Hagelin, Michael Dillbeck, Volker Schanbacher and Peter Warburton: their thoughtful recommendations lifted the book to a new level. An Antidote to Violence would certainly not have been possible without the support, encouragement and assistance of the people who helped edit the book; these included Susan Brown, Kenneth and Wendy Cavanaugh, Rachel Goodman, Gerry Geer and Tara Schmid.

In addition, we cannot thank enough the many friends and colleagues who offered encouragement, suggestions and occasional help. So, many many thanks to David Orme-Johnson, Fred Travis, Craig Pearson, Bevan Morris, Luis Alvarez, Kingsley Brooks, Park Hensley, Richard Wolfson, David Scharf, Margot Suetmann, Nicola Collins, Linda Egenes, Thomas Farrer, Douglas Carpenter, Linda Suurkula, Roger Audet, Jonathan Shear, John Davies, Stephen Nettl, Carla Brown, Guy Hatchard, Paul Gelderloos, Kurt Kleinschnitz, Ken Chandler, Sheila Chalmers, Louise McGuire, Jacqueline Carr-Phillips, David Hook, Tom Dyball, Phil Pearce, Glen McCoy, David Williams, John Fuller, John Ashforth, John Windsor, David Goodman, Steve Cross, Jim Fairchild and Shireen Anthony.

Our deep appreciation also goes to the staff at John Hunt Publishing, especially Mollie Barker, Maria Barry and Andrew Wells whose combined efforts helped to make this book what it is. Similarly, our appreciation goes to those who participated in experiments and demonstrations of the Maharishi Effect, often at great expense to themselves, as their work forms the basis of this book. Many of their names are unknown to us but we deeply thank them all the same.

Finally, this page would not be complete without expressing our sincere gratitude to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Vedic tradition of knowledge, the source of the programs we refer to in this book. Without Maharishi’s understanding of the Veda and its practical application in society, An Antidote to Violence would never have been written.

Thank you to everyone. We have deeply appreciated your help and support.